Written by a patient at Ashford Hospital Story

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    I had a problem with my ankle for 2 years. I was in constant pain, albeit a dull ache. I saw Dr Chana after about a year or so of different consultants and he said that he wanted to try a few ideas first but thought that I could require surgery. I was sent for a PRP injection into the affected area and that seemed to work for about 6 weeks, then the pain came back. Dr. Chana then scheduled an operation date to remove the part of the heel that was giving me the pain. To do this he would have to cut through my achilies tendon. After the operation Dr Chana told me that he changed his mind during the operation and shaved the ankle bone without cutting the achilles. This meant a much faster recovery time and I could go home the same day. I have met with Dr. Chana twice since the op and can safely say that he has sorted it. I am back running and feel no pain in the ankle whatsoever. A huge thanks goes to Dr. Chana and his team. I was sceptical but it's all worked out!