Written by a patient at BMI The Shelburne Hospital Story

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    I spent some time choosing a surgeon to perform my total knee replacement. Mr Chana lived up to his reputation and did a superb job. This was not straight forward ; being thirty years down the line from a nasty motorcycle accident the knee was in pretty poor shape. The end result was bordering on miraculous! He was very easy to talk to and showed just as much commitment post op. as he did pre op. Of particular note was a personal phone call from Mr Chana when my op had to be cancelled. It was due to a bladder infection and that posed a risk . It was most reassuring to have the position explained to me , and demonstrates that even when then things do not go as planned good communication is the answer, and more to the point it was from Mr Chana himself; it could so easily have been delegated . So, there we are , top marks all round !