Written by a patient at BMI The Runnymede Hospital Story

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    After suffering from a bad ankle injury in September 2015, I spent over a year with increasingly worsening pain in the heel area of my foot. During that time I saw a couple of different doctors, had various scans (that revealed a heel spur) and was sent for physio; all to no avail.
    It has taken Mr Chana just two months to effectively diagnose and treat the issue (plantar fasciitis) since my first consultation with him in December 2016. He recommended a facet joint injection, which along with daily stretches to combat calf tightness, has started to make the world of difference. I've since had a follow up appointment and the same treatment in the other foot.
    Thanks to Mr Chana's great care, I am finally feeling confident that the problem is being resolved. This will have such a huge impact on the quality of my daily life. He has advised that the stretches will have to be incorporated into my routine from now on but that's a small price to pay for being pain-free!