Written by a patient at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital Story

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    From the very first consultation when I met Mr Rishi Chana I felt reassured about the entire process of my two total hip replacement procedures. I have always been a worrier when it comes to anything clinical or surgical that involves me or my close family but I felt totally confident that I had selected the right specialist. Rishi Chana not only explained everything in fine detail regarding what to expect before, during and after my operations but also asked what I expected and what was a genuine reality once all the physiotherapy sessions had been completed.
    My first hip replacement was in June 2016 and the second in October 2016. I am now pain free and walking normally. I am really excited about playing golf again but without the pain and discomfort I used to endure. It is the normal daily activities that I now enjoy that reminds me on a regular basis how grateful I am to Rishi Chana for his expert skills and treatment. The entire experience has been life changing so far.
    I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife who cared for me during my recovery and that is so important when undergoing this type of procedure.
    I must also thank all the staff that were involved in my treatment and care.
    Stuart McCormack