Written by a patient at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital Story

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    I attended a consult from Mr Chana with a very painful clicking knee issue that had progressively become worse to the point where regular activity such as walking became painful.
    From the offset you knew that you were in a safe pair of hands with Mr Chana. What I really liked about Mr Chana's approach was the way he took the time to explain and did not rush through a consult using medical terms that only someone with a medical doctorate could understand.
    Following my MRI results it was clear that I needed surgery, I was very apprehensive about this due to an operation on the NHS some years back that was not a pleasant experience to say the least. He took this on board and made sure I was comfortable and really explained the procedure. Upon waking from surgery he came to see me and made sure everything was OK following the op, discussed what he had to do and what I need to do between now and when I saw him next.
    During the follow up post op appointment he walked me through the pictures that he took whilst operating on my knee and explained what he had to do. He also took time to explain what I should and should not be doing to make sure that I prolong the life of my knee.
    His care, patience, enthusiasm and dedication to providing an excellent service shines through all the way and I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Chana's services!