Written by a patient at Ashford Hospital Story

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    Dr Chana took great care to explain every detail of my Scaf and Akin osteotomy operation. He explained in great detail that it was imperative to complete the antibiotic therapy, take the vitamins he suggested and follow his instruction for post op recovery.
    For two weeks I rested my foot completely and did not weight bear without the use of the Darco sandal. Although this was not the most comfortable shoe attire, it certainly played a part in my recovery.
    Taking all of his advice is vital to ensuring the wound heals effectively and without swelling or the risk of infection. I did this to the letter and as a result the wound healed very well.
    Mr Chana put me at ease before the operation and the follow up appointments were extremely professional, I would recommend his service as first class. If he were chef I would award him a michelin star.
    Thank you for being such a brilliant surgeon.
    The staff at the hospital were very kind considerate and knowledgable from the pre assessment staff through to the out patient and inpatient staff. Thank you to them too.