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    I had my hip replaced early june 2018 by Dr chana after finding out i had severe ostio arthritis in my hips.i was in alot of pain and discomfort in my groin area at work and within my day to day life. It was quite a shock to find out i had to have the surgery at such a young age (31).
    My surgery went really well and im feeling great now. Ive got a very small, neat scar and the pain has totally gone. Its amazing to be back at work pain free again.
    I am soon to go back under the knife to have key hole surgery to shave the bone on my left hip. This will hopefully give me another 5/7 years without having to have another full hip replacement. Being self employed and this operation being an even quicker recovery, im really pleased Dr Chana is going to be performing this, so i cant get on with my life.
    Thank you Dr Chana