Written by a patient at Ashford Hospital Story

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    I have had my total hip replacement surgery in August 2018 approximately 6 months ago.
    I had a really good experience.
    I was really well looked after through the whole process.
    From the time I saw my GP until my operation it was only a 12 week wait.
    DR CHANA listed to what I had to say ,explained what was going to happen when I arrived at the hospital and exactly what the operation entailed.
    Also he explained about my aftercare and what to expect when I got home.
    When I arrived for my operation Mr chana came to see me and explained about the Anastasia.
    When I came round and it was all over I was not in any pain at all. I was looked after very well by the nurses and shown and encouraged to use the walker and crutches.
    Mr chana came to see me to check I was ok before I came home.
    I saw Mr chana in outpatients a little while later and everything had healed nicely.
    It had been explained to me that I needed to make sure I did my exersizes but to also rest which I did.
    Within 2 weeks I was walking well on crutches and within 5-6 weeks walking unaided.
    I cannot express how happy I am with my operation and the fantastic result.
    I would definitely recommend Mr chana to everyone. I will be needing my other hip done and hope I might get Mr chana again.