Written by a patient at Ashford Hospital Story

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    March 20i7, I was cycling across Kingston bridge, when a womans shopping bag strap caught my handlebars, and dragged me to the ground, gently knocking my 2014 fitted ceramic hip, (which I was unsure of, it often clicked and banged) two months later , weeding in the garden, got up off my knees, bang, squeal, straight to the docs, \"its your knee\", A&E \'Its your knee\"\"yes you can go to India\", what a row coming through Delhi airport. August 2017 ,a private consultation, transferred to NHS for a replacement hip, I was in a terrible state, the noise and trauma was almost too much. Met Mr Chana, who has put me completely back on track, the old hip had ,whilst awaiting treatment had disintegrated within, leaving a cloud of debris within, I,m so thankful I went for a private consultancy, i was still working full time, and life was very difficult. But now squeak free, in good shape, walking in the lakes, an Amazon , central Americas ,Caribbean , Northern Norway adventure, and many other trips lined up. I would trust Mr Chana 100%, the hip is so absolutely brilliant, and thank you.